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Psychology and Technology:
Shaping the world

 VR Headset


  1. Emerging / Changing notions of happiness and well-being in the high-tech world.

  2. Debates and discourses on the virtual and physical world.

  3. Redefining work and workers in wake of virtual and technological realities.

  4.  Psychological testing and assessment in the technological era.

  5. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Individual Consciousness: Changing the face of individuals and society.

  6. New frontiers of technology in mental health care and support.

  7. Ethical considerations, challenges and dilemmas in the psycho-technological world.

  8. The growth and applications of digital neuropsychology.

  9. Confluence of AI, machine learning and psychology in forensic science.

  10. Emerging interface of psychology and technology in the sectors of defence and security.

  11. Psychological techniques in Crime Investigation.

  12. Miscellaneous.

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