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General Guidelines

+ Registration is mandatory for the presenting authors at the time of presentation.

+ All presentations should be made in MS Office latest version.

+ If any presenter wishes to present the paper through a personal laptop, the compatibility of a personal laptop with our audio-visual system must be checked in the preview room on prior.

+ Any Fonts and Animations if used which are not a part of the standard MS Office pack should not be included.

+ Videos when included should be ideally in VLC/MP4 or MPEG and if any other format is used its formats should be included and checked prior to the presentation.

+ If any other format is used which deviates from the above-mentioned format, the same should be informed at least one week before the conference so that alternative arrangements can be made if possible.

+ The medium of storage used by the presenters should be Flash Drive and USB Hard Disk Drives.

+ All speakers using MAC Laptops and those requiring a MAC Laptop should inform us at least a week in advance.

+ The specific date and time of the presentation along with the location will be shared with you shortly and will also be updated on the website.

+ All are kindly requested to visit the website for details of the conference regularly for the latest updates.

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