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​About Indian Institute of Psychology (IIP)

About Indian Institute of Psychology

Indian Institute of Psychology is India's first private organization registered under Shreya Foundation that is committed exclusively to the discipline of Psychology. It was founded in the year 2014 by Dr. Kranti K. Srivastava in Noida, Uttar Pradesh with an idea and commitment to promote and provide psychological knowledge in India. 

The organization promotes its comprehensive approach to Research, Education, Publication, and Application in spreading awareness among the community about Psychology and its potential to touch and transform lives. It also works on projects and publishes independently and in collaboration with other bodies that are aiming for national development. 

The institute offers various training programs in the form of degree and diploma courses and aspires to reach out to the masses across the country through its innovative community-oriented services in various areas. The IIP team lives and breathes Psychology and strives to attain excellence through hardcore professionalism, ethical practice, innovative research, active involvement in the dissemination of knowledge through publication, and participation in events and conferences in their area of expertise. The experience at IIP is a unique and enriching experience full of learning opportunities and interaction with experts in various sub-disciplines. 

The objective of the organization is to provide a platform for academicians, practitioners, and students to exchange thoughts that contribute to the development of the field of Psychology, to promote research and development in the field of Psychology and to provide psychological support and connect with various stakeholders to spread awareness in the community. 

The organization have been involved in organizing various events like training programs and workshops in order to promote and support the dissemination of Psychological ideas and thoughts. IIP organizes continuous workshops on Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rorschach Inkblot Test, Learning Disability ADHD and Autism, etc. Similarly, summer training programs were also provided by various eminent experts such as Dr. Anand P. Singh, Dr. B.L Dubey, Prof. C.R Darolia, Prof. SPK Jena, Prof. D.D Roy, Prof. Dwarka Pershad and Dr. Shweta Tandon. IIP publishes various research Journals like Indian Journal of Developmental Disability, Psychology in India, Psyber News, Journal of Positive Psychology, and Indian Journal of Behavioral Research and Therapy.

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