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​About the Conference

About the Conference

The conference theme, 'Psychology and Technology', refers to two independent entities working together for the betterment of the society. ‘Psychology’ is the study of mind and behaviour that encompasses the biological, social, and environmental factors that affect how people think, act and feel. On the other hand, ‘Technology’, is the study that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment.

The interface between Psychology and Technology has emerged gradually and has increased the capabilities of the two. It has made it almost impossible to separate how we conduct our social lives, business, health care, education, etc. Humans are evolved, social and cognitive beings who have long sought technologies that extend their capacities to process information and support their work practices.

Technology nowadays is taking a great leap towards making an impact in the field of Psychology through computer simulations, algorithms, and applications. It is not simply changing how individuals interact with the world; but additionally how researchers concentrate on human brain and conduct. The interface between Psychology and Technology indeed has opened greater opportunities and innovations. Few of the areas that have emerged are the establishment of virtual workspaces, technological assessment and testing, therapy and tools for research.


New technologies are enabling psychological scientists to take their research out of the lab and into the world, where it can be tested in real-world settings. The present conference will focus on exploring the new possibilities and future of Psychology in this ever expanding technological world. It will bring together the principles of Innovation, Invention, and Creation to the ground realities. Our core idea is to lead towards new directions and possibilities in the respective fields with the help of various national and international perspectives. Thus, with an understanding of the same, we are focusing on creating a platform that will lead to the future gateway of ‘Psychology and Technology: Shaping the World’.

Why attend the IAAP 2023 conference?

+ Keynote Speakers
The conference has a unique identity of a multi-disciplinary, multi-seminar format which encompasses research, policy, theory and practice through the knowledge of our experts in the field. We are bringing forth the wide perspectives and prospects through their lens.


+ Stimulating Research Session
The conference focuses on drawing out the innovation and practical implications of research and extending to the next level of digitalization. We are focusing on building an interface between Psychology and Technology. Practitioners, researchers and policy makers are encouraged to relate their presentations to the research behind the implementation of schemes and policies involving Psychology and Technology.


+ Networking with National and International Delegates
The conference provides a brilliant opportunity for all participants to engage with the experts and attendees from all around the world. The platform will connect both national and international attendees on all grounds.

What’s more about the IAAP 2023 conference?

+ Who should attend?
Psychologists, policy makers, mental health practitioners, technology experts, research scholars, learners, social workers and professional related to the fields.


+ What can you expect?
The conference attracts Psychological practitioners and researchers from all over the world providing access to in-depth understanding of the interface between Psychology and Technology. The extensive range of topics and the multi- seminar approach makes the conference unique and fruitful.


+ What is the future implication?
Technology is not just changing the way people interact with the world, it's also changing the way scientists study human behavior and the brain. New technologies are allowing psychological scientists to take their research out of the lab and into the world.

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